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Thank you for visiting "Singing Sinatra Favorites"! I sincerely hope you enjoyed the visit. I hope you will either consider booking the show, or come see a performance in person. If you would like additional infomation or need directions on how to get to one of the show's location, listed on the Performance Schedule, please feel free to call (651) 489-3405.

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1.   10/03/11   Would definitely like to see your performance in person!
2.   03/21/11   Bill, well done! Kent Preston
3.   01/05/11   Enjoyed your show at the St. Paul parks &rec holiday party at phalan golf club in december. I am looking buy your CD. cant find info here. HELP!
4.   04/28/10   We look forward to our evening with you and Glenda and "Mr. Sinatra". What a thrill that will be. I have been a Sinatra fan as long as I can remember.
5.   09/21/09   nice web site
6.   08/24/09   A fun show. Looking forward to the Frank's Centennial festivities!
7.   08/18/09   Dear Bill, I had the pleasure of a lengthy and eclectic conversation with you while waiting with my father in the VA eye clinic in July. I appreciated your card, but I'm working evenings so will miss the Como show, Good luck! Susan Thompson
8.   04/15/09   Enjoyed the visit, look forward to your visiy to the Dallas Texas area
9.   08/27/08   Good entertainment like this demonstrates actual talent, not just adrenalin and special effects. Thoroughly enjoyable show!
10.   01/10/08   Hello Bill, I really enjoyed talking with you yesturday, thought I would send you a quick note to let you know I am very impressed with your site, good luck and have fun! Barbara
11.   03/18/07   Sounds like a lot of fun.
12.   02/04/07   How thrilled your audiences must be to enjoy your entertainment. I'm touched that this is directed mainly to the senior population--forgotten so many times in our society.
13.   07/17/06   What a shame you do not do your show out here in Australia...Margaret
14.   07/11/06   I would love to have the opportunity to be present at one of your shows.
15.   06/05/06   Great show at Autumn Ridge Retirement Home in Festus,June3,2006
16.   03/24/06   Bill, I had the pleasure of meeting you in St. Paul back in 2002. My dear friend Heather introduced us. You are a wonderful performer! Glad to see you are still going strong! Best wishes, Chris from Northern Virginia
17.   03/04/06   Hope you make it down to Australia..Queensland..Sydney will love your show
18.   11/16/05   Wonderful! I bet you are great - let's plan a special musical group number for 2006 Senior America - I will work on this. I have a great idea. Stay "in the loop" with me. Senior America needs us.
19.   06/12/05   Love You! You're the GREATEST (still !). The Navy does produce some good people, doesn't it?
20.   12/19/04   Great site-looks like you do a lot!
21.   03/28/04   You're the the tops!
22.   03/20/03   Hi ,bill, I liked your snaps and glad to know the life you enjoy and entertain all those people around..can you tell me how can i start doing that too here in India
23.   06/09/02   "Looking Good!!" It looks like you are enjoying yourself! I am very happy for you and Glenda, because by making yourself happy, you are making other people happy also. Let me know when you plan to come to NY.
24.   05/28/02   I knew you when - and I always knew you would make it doing it "Your Way"

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