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Electric supply long tube type respirator


The main purpose

Electric supply type long tube respirators are widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical industry, coal gas, the urban construction of the underground construction and other industries, maintenance tower tank, underground construction, the working environment, workers can protect the anoxic environment, defense inhaling harmful gas, dust, smoke and other contaminants, and effectively cover hypoxia, the underground pipeline or big jar of narrow space such as the use of more superiority. Belong to the isolated type respiratory protective equipment. Both rely on "air tube make the person of respiratory organs, eyes and face from polluted air, the introduction of outside contaminated environment clean air for air, so as to guarantee the user normal breathing.

Applicable scope

Product parameters
Specifications1-2 people3-4 people5-6 people
Air volume12m3/h18m3/h 26.5m3/h
Wind pressure
 7.5KPa 9KPa 10.78KPa
 Vacuum-5KPa -6.5KPa   -9KPa 
 Using the wind pressure<6KPa 7KPa7KPa 
Power supply220V AC/50HZ  220V AC/50HZ 220V AC/50HZ  
Power120W 180W  250W
Speed2820r/min  2820r/min 2820r/min  
Capacitance4uF 500V AC 4uF 500V AC  6uF 500V AC  
Current0.9A 1.1A 1.6A 
ProtectiveIP54  IP54IP54 
InsulationClass B  Class B Class B  
Gas supply wayPositive pressure air supply with constant currentPositive pressure air supply with constant currentPositive pressure air supply with constant current
Expanding supply30L/min~350L/min 30L/min~350L/min30L/min~350L/min 
Overall dimensions300×250×240mm300×250×240mm  300×250×240mm
External materialStainless steelStainless steelStainless steel